Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Ok - two posts in one day .....  but this one is completely different.  Change - ok - I am usually ok with change - in fact change makes life interesting.  I am ok with change - but not when it disturbs - or messes with my carefully planned travel routes.  I am not good with directions or finding my way, so when I have a plan or THINK that I know where the Campus Shuttle stops are or where the Metro Transit bus will take me ....  those things SHOULD NOT CHANGE!!!! 

Little did I know that both of those things would change ......

Last week after my first day of class I walked to where I KNEW the Campus Shuttle would take me to the St. Paul campus.  I had a meeting in Mpls before class, so I had gotten dropped off on campus, knowing that I could get to the St. Paul campus and walk home.  However, to my dismay, the shuttle stop - my shuttle stop - had been removed.  Who does that?  Why was it removed?  It was a busy stop and the shuttle still drove right by - but the stop no longer exists.  No worries (except for Monday when it was 90 degrees) I did figure out where the next closest stop is ....  well, I think I did.  There has got to be a closer stop - but I will have to research this.

Next ....  on Monday - when I decided that 90 degrees was over my limit for biking (and looking chic when getting to campus) I decided to ride the Metro Transit.  The bus picked me up right on time and the second bus did as well.  However, all of a sudden the second bus took a random turn.  Where were we going?!!!?  I got off at the next stop and walked 1/2 mile (which, I know, is not awful) to class.  Although - I did end up a bit more sweaty than I wanted.  What ..... where was this bus going?  Then after class I walked to the bus stop to go home ....  but ..... MY bus no longer stops there ....  what?  What was happening?  These changes were not exciting or welcomed!!!  No worries - I did make it home .....  but what is going on? 

Eeeek .....  after a few deep breaths I did make it through - and I will make it through all of these changes.  I am not sure why the stops were cut at the U of M - but my fear about the Metro Transit changes is that routes are being cut.  This is not ok ....  not just for me .... but for those individuals who absolutely depend on the bus system.  I have other options - walking, my bike, friends .... but there are those who do not have other options. 

Something for all of us to think about ...

Fall has arrived!

It is no secret that I am not a fan of hot weather.  So - when I woke up early this morning and was actually cold while in bed I was giddy!!!!  I knew that it would be a great day for hopping on my bike.  (Well - I am not actually going to hop on my bike - I am not that coordinated!!!)  It was actually hard to stay in bed until the sun came up ....  so by 7am this morning I had already put 20 miles on my bike.  How much fun!!!

It was also a great time to meditate.  I have made the commitment to quiet meditation for the next 30 days - but as I have said before (after learning it from my sister) that mediation can come in all forms - including being active.  The ride this morning allowed me to set aside everything going on in my life and just be present in the moment.  I was able to be truly grateful for my body - which is sometimes hard for me.  I was almost able to be in love with my body - and what it can do.  It also allowed me to continue to deepen my intentions to pursue a PhD, make it to yoga at least 3x per week and start my own personal training business by November.  Whew -  that was a lot by 7am in the morning.

And - the exciting part about today (besides going to class) is that I am FINALLY going to get a bike rack and panniers for my bike.  I know I have talked about that before .... but it is finally going to happen today.  Although - I am not sure that the pannier will happen today.  I want some that look completely chic - and I can take off and carry to school.  I found one online - so I may be just ordering it today.  More to come ...

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Motivation to Bike?

It is interesting to me that it took the 30 Days of Biking challenge to actually get on my bike every day.  I mean, I don't own a car ....  shouldn't getting on my bike be second nature?  Well ....  no.  I have found plenty of other ways to get around - which is fine.  When I took on this challenge, it wasn't to bike everywhere ...  it was to live fashionably without a car.  Although - I did think that my bike would be my primary mode of transportation.  For many reasons, that turned out not to be true ....  but I am starting to fall in love all over again with my bikes.  It is almost the giddy feeling you get when discovering something new ....  a little scary, but oh so fun!!! :)

Today I biked to my yoga class.   Ok - I have biked to yoga before - so this should be nothing new.  Although, I had the nervous feeling that I would not be able to maintain the "yoga bliss" on the way home.  I should not have been apprehensive at all ......  the bike ride home was actually more pleasurable (and actually faster) than the bike ride there.  I was able to appreciate my surroundings, my body and the journey so much more on the way home.

Tomorrow is biking to Cross Fit .... again.  The first time I do have to say the ride home was AWFUL!  I know it will be the same way tomorrow ---- but I am going to try and recapture some of the "yoga bliss" and enjoy all of the things that my body can do --- and the interesting surroundings --- and more importantly the journey.    The only thing that it won't be it fashionable ....  some people can pull of sweaty fashion ....  but I am not one of them.  I will be a big, sweaty mess ....  but hopefully if you see me I will be a big, sweaty mess with a smile on my face!!! :)

Thursday, September 1, 2011

30 Days of Biking

Has it really been almost a year since I have posted?  WOW!!!!!  Well -  I am still car free and just newly committed to posting on my blog.  I just signed up for the 30 Days of Biking challenge - thinking that without a car that should be easy.  Although - seems that I really had nowhere to go today (except the gym - which is all of 1.5 blocks away) .... and it is SO hot!!!!  I ended up biking around the block ....  I am hoping that counts! :)

Truth be told - I have had access to a car more often than not - due to various reason - this summer.  It made me think of how much easier life can be with a car .... and was seriously thinking that I need to get one again.  However, I did recently read a FB post from a friend who just spent $900 on car repairs - that did not actually work ....  and then from another who was dealing with car issues while on vacation.  That gave me a bit of pause - as I love not having to deal with all of those things .....  and getting back into biking will support my fitness goals.

Now - if only I survive the bike home after a CrossFit workout tomorrow at 8am!!! :)

Friday, October 1, 2010

Walking and Geese

I can't believe that is has really been over a month since I have last posted.  I need to get on a better schedule!!!  Well ....  I am still here and still living without a car.  As I last posted my modes of transportation have continued to vary from walking to biking, busing to the occasional taxis and the rides from friends and family.

I have settled into a bit of a rhythm - and have found that I really do love walking.  I have been walking from my house, through the fairgrounds (and, no --- I haven't gotten lost again) to the St. Paul campus to take the shuttle over to the Mpls campus for work.  It is a nice 35 minute walk --- and a great time to practice my meditation ... sometimes with music, sometimes without ....  And the only scary part was yesterday when I was walking a gaggle of geese was crossing the road just ahead of me.  Those of you who know me (and who are intelligent) understand the inherent danger in geese.  I wasn't quite sure what to do .... as I really didn't want to get pecked!!! So ...  I did wait a bit until they were all safely across and moving away from the road.  My heart was beating quickly .... but I did make it safely by the gaggle. 

The one interesting thing to note is that I have commented in the past that not having a car makes me feel closer to the community in which I live is still true ....  but it is interesting that when I ride the bus or the shuttle everyone seems to have their headphones on ....  which is eerily similar to being inside of a car --- completely closed off from those around you ....

I am getting very familiar with the bus system --- although, have still not yet put my bike on the front of the bus.  The fall weather has gotten me back out on my bike more often ....  what a great time of year to be car free!!!! :)

Oh - and good luck to all of the 10 milers and marathoners this weekend.  Can't wait to get out an cheer for everyone!!! :)

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Ahhhh .... biking in MN!!! :)

I think that I have admitted before that I wouldn't talk about the weather .....  but it has also been reconfirmed for me that I love temperate weather.  Perhaps that is one of the reasons I actually did leave my heart in San Francisco.  The weather there is perfect ....  I can even deal with the fog - knowing that the the weather was never going to get hot or cold enough to keep me off of my bike.  So ... today with the weather starting out in the mid 50s and only getting to the mid 70s (and no humidity) is perfect.  I was so giddy today to get out on my bike!!!! :)  I did walk the dog first thing this morning -- and then mid morning met with my trainer .....  and now I really should be working ....  but trying to figure out what errands need to do!!!  I do have a book club meeting tonight - so I will have something I NEED to bike to and I plan to leave a bit early so that I can actually ride more than 4 miles ....  I keep telling myself if I can work for at least one hour (without getting on Facebook!!!) then I deserve a quick ride around the neighborhood.  I know that the hot weather is not behind us ----  it will be humid and in the 80s this weekend ....  but what a priceless day!!!   Ok ... enough of this ...  I need to work for a bit and then the freedom of the bike ....

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Interesting twists and turns ...

So - when I started this car-free journey I had thoughts of lots of biking, cute outfits and awesome looking thighs!!! :) .....  But my summer took a bit of a different turn.  No - I have not bought a car .... and I am still committed to the car-free lifestyle --- but is has included many more bus rides with a few taxi rides here and there.  It makes me feel a bit lazy --- but I came to the realization that just because I gave up my car, didn't mean that I wanted to give up who I am. ....  And, part of who I am really hates heat and humidity.  I can't stand being all sweaty (unless I am working out) .....  and given the weather during August - I was breaking a sweat just standing waiting for the bus!!!

I am looking forward to September --- going back to school ---- and more cool, less humid days.  I look forward to getting back on my bike - and perhaps even biking in the dark.  I am committed to spending much more time on my bike this fall ---- oh, and finally getting my back rack and panniers .... and of course, FINALLY putting my bike on the front of a bus!!! :)